Vocational School

About the Department

Banking sector is the biggest and most important factor within the financial system. Banks allow the productivity in the country to increase, promote the economic development and naturally the level of welfare to rise through intermediary services they carry out. Insurance business, in contrast to the general conception, is not only a system that guarantees the risks and seeks to compensate for the financial loss if the risks come true. It also becomes an important financial source for economic development by transferring the fund power created by the premium incomes to the fields of investment. One of the most important needs of the sector of Banking and Insurance Business is the qualified human resource. The purpose of the Program of Banking and Insurance Business is to train qualified man power, the need of the finance sector, who can catch up with the fast changes in the sector, who know the new finance products developed in this field, who are familiar with the finance technology in particular, who have analytical thinking ability and vocational, legal and technical information, and who can work in public and private prestigious institutions.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the program are entitled to work at banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations, accounting firms and accounting and finance departments of various sectors.

About the Courses

Some of the courses taught in the program are Introduction to Banking, Introduction to Insurance Business, Banking Services and Products, Insurance Procedures, Fund and Risk Management in Banking, Financial Markets and Institutions, Insurance and Bank Accounting, Credit Analysis and Evaluation, Customer Relations Management and Insurance and Banking Law.

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