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About the Department

The Program of Automotive Technology is a two-year associate-degree program established to train the students who are open to development and developing and of quality, who can keep up with the age and meet the needs of the automotive sector (sales, production, planning and post-sale service). An automotive technician is trained to have a high manual skill and learn the theoretical and advanced technologies through the education given here. Besides the theories and practices given here, the internships to be done in the industry are designed to provide the students with experience and background before starting to work after graduation.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Program of Automotive Technology can work at the factories in public and private sectors and at authorised and private services. They have the right to take their undergraduate degree in a four-year faculty if they are successful in the external transfer exam of OSYM. The departments available to the students through the external transfer exam are as follows; Industrial Technology Teaching Business Engineering of Hull Machinery Mechanical Engineering Aircraft Airframe Engine Aircraft Airframe Engine Maintenance Aircraft Engineering Automotive Engineering.

About the Courses

In the Program of Automotive Technology, the students are given theoretical and practical courses with consideration paid to the qualities required by the sector. The courses given in the program are as follows; Gasoline Engines and Technology, Engine Parts and Functions, Diesel Engines and Technology, Occupational Drawing, Material Technology, Measurement and Control of Engine Parts, Automotive Electrics and Electronics, Elements of Machinery, Occupational Health and Safety, Thermodynamics, Movement Systems, Fuels and Burning, Service Management and Customer Services, New-Generation Automotive Technologies, Total Quality Management, Vehicle Mechanics, Engine Tests and Adjustments, and Bonnet and Painting. In addition, there are such courses as Automotive Sector, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Computer-Assisted Drawing to develop their drawing skill and sales services. The learning outputs of the program are as follows; Learning the theoretical information about automotive and enabling their permanency, Putting the theoretical information into practice, Gaining the skill of solving a problem, Following the scientific developments about their profession, Doing research and review, Holding to the quality standards, Developing the sense of possessing. Targets of the program are as follows; Providing the occupational background and skills that will provide analytical thinking and meet the expectations of the sector, Enabling the establishment of the breakdown and ways of solution, Giving the skill of using the devices and methods necessary in usage.

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