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About the Department

Language and Speech Therapy integrates many scientific fields such as anatomy, physiology, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, otolaryngology, genetics, physical therapy and rehabilitation, audiology, phonology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, psychology, cognitive neuropsychology and special education sciences. It is an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary independent field of science. The graduates of the department are given the title of Speech and Language Therapist. The Speech and Language Therapist evaluates and treats speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help patients communicate better, as directed by the relevant specialist physician. They evaluate, treat and develop personalized plans to support people with eating and swallowing difficulties.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

In recent years, with the recognition of the value of a holistic approach to the treatment process in language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders, speech and language therapists have become an integral part of the health system, offering specialized treatments to achieve health goals and improve quality of life. speech and language therapists; has employment opportunities in state and university hospitals, private hospitals, public health centers, schools for the hearing impaired, schools, pre-school education institutions, private clinics, special education and rehabilitation centers, elderly care homes and guidance research centers. If they want, they can open their own private business. Speech and Language Therapists who want to become academics can continue their postgraduate education and work in universities.

About the Courses

Speech and Language Therapy Undergraduate Program, with its wide and comprehensive curriculum, offers 4-year undergraduate education and training that aims to make students graduates of speech and language therapists equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes. In the Speech and Language Therapy program; Anatomy, human physiology, pharmacology for speech and language therapists, basic physics, vocal physics, phonetics, childhood language disorders are offered. In addition to the courses, it is also aimed to provide an interdisciplinary education with various elective courses to be offered throughout the undergraduate education. Students studying in this department complete their internship after four years of education and step into business life.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Speech and Language Therapy are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Speech and Language Therapy are;

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