Neden Nişantaşı Üniversitesi?

Neotech Campus

With its technology-centered Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus, which reflects the future of the world in a 106 000 m2 closed area, Nişantaşı University is passionate about leading the young to a successful future. As a 3rd generation foundation university, it offers the largest student living space in Europe, with its technological infrastructure, application laboratories, and a strong academic staff.

124 Laboratories

Nişantaşı University is one of the largest research centers in Turkey with 124 application laboratories. These have been furnished with the latest technology in simulation centers to provide students with the experience they may need in their career.

Education 5.0

  • Education 5.0 is not just getting a diploma; it’s a reformed education system that aims to provide professional competence and teach how to learn, think critically, and generate ideas.

Education 5.0 is based on the dynamics of today and the future, as well as personalized education, project-based learning, and the combination of technology and education.

By providing an environment where the students can develop their curiosity and creativity; it enables forward-thinking and innovative individuals who are open to learning.

Two certificate opportunities every year

In order to ensure that the graduates of Nişantaşı university are among the individuals with the experience and equipment required by the business world, we support our students with 2 mandatory certificates in each semester.

  • A graduate student of Nişantaşı adds strength to her/his career and CV with at least 8 certificates, as well as her/his diploma and internship experiments.

Free Double Major / Minor

In addition to the undergraduate programs, our university offers its students the opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree in a second branch or to study in a minor program. If Nişantaşı University undergraduate students fulfill the necessary conditions, they can benefit from the right to receive free education by applying to the “Double Major” or “Minor” programs for their departments.

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