Vocational School

About the Department

All the fields of fashion sector have an important place in the international axis. It is one of the most important sectors in Turkey in terms of manufacturing, export and employment, and as such, it needs well-equipped fashion designers equipped with artistic identity and cultural background and modern technical skills. In the works of our age supported by technology and science, aesthetic and functional values of design are considered together. Manufacturers intend to increase their brand visibility in the collections prepared by their designers and to have a say in the international platforms with their special works. Therefore, artist designers are needed in the sector. In the light of this information, the purpose of the Program of Fashion Design is to train our students as fashion designers who are equipped with cultural, contemporary, social, dynamic and traditional arts and with technical skills and background and who can analyse and settle a concept of design according to the conditions of the present time.

About the Courses

The Program of Fashion Design offers the students such courses as Pattern Preparation, Clothes Design, Clothes Manufacturing, Fashion Photography, Computer-Assisted Clothes Design, Computer-Assisted Pattern Preparation, Textile Technology, Fabric Structure, Presentation Techniques and Tailor-made Clothes Design.

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