Why Nişantaşı University?

Blue Diploma

Nişantaşı University alumni have blue diploma, a valuable document enabling them to switch to international business life by proving that they receive their associate degree (optional), undergraduate and graduate degrees at a global level. Students who receive a blue diploma have the opportunity to continue their education in all the countries within the European Union. Also, our students aiming for academic career can pursue a master’s or doctorate studies abroad with their blue diplomas.

Since it is an international diploma, it is significant for students to show that they have the right competencies so that they have the right to continue their education abroad.

The First Technological Campus in Turkey: NeoTech Campus

  • Standing out with its technology-oriented design that puts the student at the center, NeoTech Campus has 200 smart classrooms, 124 application laboratories, 8 simulation centers and many multi-functional spots from sports to music with its 106.000 sqm closed area in Maslak, business center of Turkey.
  • Thousands of courses are available on the virtual campus, enriched with student-oriented, case-based simulations and applications.

Education 5.0

  • Edu 5.0; A revolutionary education system that aims not only to get a diploma, but also to gain professional competence, learning to learn, to have critical thinking and ability to generate ideas.
  • Edu 5.0 is based on the dynamics of our age and the future, such as the unity of personalized education, project-oriented learning, technology and education.
  • We educate our students as open-minded, forward-thinking, and innovative individuals by providing an environment where they can develop their sense of curiosity and creativity.
  • Our university is a benefit center comprising the whole life. At NeoTech Campus, our students continue their educational journey by adding +1 value to themselves and the world every day. Nearly 1000 academic staff add value to our students. These values transform into experienced graduates that our age requires.

Flat Fee / Continuing Scholarship

With our belief in equal opportunity in education, we implement a comprehensive and uninterrupted scholarship program. Regardless of the grade point average of Nişantaşı University students, their scholarship is not cut off, and our students benefit from scholarship opportunities without any loss of rights until they graduate. All of our students can complete their education without being affected by the increase in fees by using the early registration opportunity.

Free Double Major / Minor

Nişantaşı university offers its honor students the opportunity to receive a second undergraduate degree or to study in a minor program in addition to their main undergraduate programs. Nişantaşı University undergraduate students take advantage of the right to receive free education by applying to the “Double Major” (Double Major) or “Minor” (Minor) programs for the departments they are interested in, on condition that they fulfill the necessary conditions.

1+4+1 MBA Scholarship for Future Leaders

Within the scope of the Future Leaders Program, we aim to train entrepreneurial leaders of the future. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to develop themselves in many areas such as strategy and organizational management by completing a MBA business master’s degree program with a full scholarship if they study for one year optional preparatory education.

Department Change for Transfer Students

With Transfer opportunity, we give our students another chance to choose their departments. Our students can transfer to a more suitable program for their competencies and dreams if they meet the necessary conditions with GPA without taking the university exam again.

Entrepreneurship, Technology and Project Office

NishNova, a part of NeoTech Campus, is a 360° Innovation Center consisting of the Entrepreneurship Office where new ideas turn into business, the Technology Transfer Office where university-industry collaborations are set up, and the Project Office where state-supported projects are arranged. The center also aims to increase the project activities within the university. Every year, a lot of entrepreneurial ideas are supported by this center and brought together with investors. At NishNova, ideas come to life without waiting for graduation.

2 Certificates Every Year

Nişantaşı University supports its students with an opportunity to receive 2 certificates in each semester so that the graduates can become experienced and competent individuals sought by the business world.

A Nişantaşı undergraduate student strengthens his career and CV with a minimum of 8 certificates, as well as his diploma and internship experiences.

Start Your Career on Campus

At Nişantaşı University, we cooperate with institutions such as Kariyer.net so that our students can start in the most advantageous position in the business world. Our Talent Office offers many opportunities from interview simulations, job opportunities, CV preparation support to networking events, so that our students start their careers on campus.

Thanks to “İŞKUR on Campus”, İŞKUR office will only serve our students in our university and introduces our students and graduates to professional business life.

Internship at Public Hospitals

Our health department students have this chance of internship priority in public hospitals.

Taking Courses from the World’s Most Respected Academicians

As part of our 14-week course curriculum, our students will be able to take courses simultaneously from respected academics and will have the opportunity to receive the same education as students from the best universities in the world globally. In this context, with these online courses, our students will also meet the best lecturers in their fields and experience being their students.

International Network

Our students can improve their foreign language skills by studying together with approximately 4000 foreign students at our university, or they can find internship opportunities in any country through our International Office.

Worldwide collaborations

Our university’s curricula have been prepared in coordination with top-ranked university lecturers. Nişantaşı University students will be able to attend the courses within the framework of the curriculum online, and they will be able to follow the course simultaneously in coordination with the university students worldwide.

The Only Member of EDCOM in Turkey

Nişantaşı University is the only member in Turkey of the European Advertising Educators Association (EdCom), the most comprehensive network in the field of communication studies. With this membership, it is possible to integrate with the world from courses to education content in many fields such as communication, advertising, brand management.

Study in Europe with Erasmus Agreements

Our students can study abroad, at nearly 100 Erasmus partner universities, of which will be covered by Erasmus program. In this way, they can improve their foreign language abilities and provide international business experience.

Interactive Student Life

University is not just about being successful in courses. At university, you will find experience, discovery, effort, laughter and sharing. Sometimes you will make a mistake and start over. But in any case, we have full faith to be a good team and a big family in all our students’ experiences. Therefore, our students embrace new experiences every day, knowing that they are never alone, they do not wait, they live their lives to the fullest!

  • 18 sports teams, hundreds of internationally successful scholarship athletes, participation in national and international tournaments in 42 branches
  • Global living experience: one in 10 students is international
  • More than 72 social clubs
  • Nearly 1000 events per year
  • Opportunity to meet with a lot of successful people from Acun Ilıcalı to Ayhan Sicimoğlu
  • More than 100 active social responsibility projects
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