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About the Department

Parallel to the action plan of “Turkey Tourism Strategy 2023”, investments in tourism have gained impetus in our country in recent years and the number of visiting tourists has increased, which have both increased the need for qualified tourist guides. Moreover, tourist guiding has been made a popular profession with the definition of the standards of the profession of tourist guiding in the law of Tourist Guiding, put into force in 2012. The Department of Tourist Guiding of Nisantasi University aims to train its students as tourist guides who are capable of transferring the historical and natural assets as well as cultural values of our country to the local and foreign visitors as voluntary envoys of culture and presentation. Accordingly, our university presents its students a training and education process in which they question and interpret freely to possess the skill, background and competency required by their profession parallel to the culture and tourism policies. The students who want to have an education at this department are expected to have the ability to speak and communicate in English, to be dynamic and solution-oriented, to have a leading spirit and the ethical values of respect, tolerance and kindness.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The students who graduate from the Department of Tourist Guiding are entitled to work in every region of Turkey as dependent or independent tourist guides. They can also work as a workman and manager in all the departments of travel agencies. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, tourism bureaus or museums are also available to our graduates for employment.

About the Courses

The Department of Tourist Guiding of Nisantasi University makes it possible for the students to grasp the concepts and principles related to the profession of tourist guiding and develop their practice of it by means of its triaging program and intensive English courses and second foreign language as well as compulsory and optional vocational courses. These courses help them have information about the tourism activities in Turkey and the world, learn the standards of national and international tourism guiding and get familiar with the travel agencies, tour operators, tourism businesses, transportation businesses, and gastronomy and recreation departments during the tour practices in tourism guiding. Thus they can learn how to contact with these units and institutions after graduation. The courses will also help the students know and interpret the tourism destinations, cultures, museums, artistic works, natural and thematic attractions; become conscious of the regulations, standards and basic values related to tourist guiding in Turkey and in the world; and conduct their profession in accordance with these values. To do so, they learn the concepts related to tourist psychology, tourist perceptions and tourist loyalty, and thus they can be prepared for the profession parallel to tourist motivation and satisfaction.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Tour Guide Training are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Tour Guide Training are;

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