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About the Department

With its contribution to foreign currency inflow and the increase in employment, tourism has become an important sector with its contribution to the regional and national economic developments. Therefore, it is a sector of intensive interest for the developing and developed countries from the past to the present. The increased importance of tourism, the increased investments in the sector and fast developments in the sector have brought about the need for qualified employees trained in theoretical and practical fields, who have professional information in field of tourism businesses and a mastery of foreign language. They are also expected to have good communication skills. Parallel to this, it has become important and urgent to train qualified personnel for quality employment in tourism sector, which is a strong part of service sector. The basic purpose of our university in this program is to meet the sector’s need for qualified and quality employment with its graduates who are eligible to be mid-level managers through their training in the program.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Our university conducts interviews and meetings with the representatives of the companies in the sector in order to bring a quick and sustainable solution to the issues of internship and employment of our students before initiating the process of opening a program; this is the same for the Program of Tourism and Hotel Management as we are aware that the students in this program need to be trained in practical field as well as take theoretical courses. Accordingly, we have collaboration with these firms for the practical courses to advance with the support of sector representatives. This collaboration offers significant advantages to the students of the program, who can thus build connections with the sector before launching into the working life. This significant step will provide important advantages to the students of the Program of Tourism and Hotel Management as regards employment after graduation. The graduates can find a job in a wide range of fields from accommodation businesses through food and beverage firms to travel agencies, airline companies and tourism companies.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the Program of Tourism and Hotel Management consists of the courses containing information that its graduates can use when they start to work. General Tourism, Front Office Services, Floor Services, Food and Beverage Services, Hotel Management, Tourism Geography, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Economy, Tourism Legislation, Tour Guiding and Travel Agency are the important courses of the program.

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