Health Services Vocational School

About the Department

Social service is a scientific field that offers solutions to the material and immaterial needs of the individuals and groups in the society, that develops an idea about how social cooperation can be, that keeps in one-to-one contact with the social group and that comes up with suggestions towards the enhancement of social welfare. Generally, social service is a job in which individuals preoccupied with the increasing of the social life quality can be active, and thus it is one of the most-needed professional fields of our age. In addition, social service is one of the few professions that provide not only material but also immaterial and spiritual satisfaction in modern societies. It is an ideal field of work for individuals with a high level of empathy, who take pleasure in working with the needy in the society, especially with the children and the old, and in developing themselves on the way to helping the needy in social terms.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

There is a growing need for the young personnel trained in field of social services in turkey and in the country. ‘Social services’ is an important part of the service sector that has been growing consistently and quickly for a long time. considering the increase in the public sensitivity to this field in recent years in particular in our country, when coupled with the big investments of domestic and foreign capitals in fields of health and education, it appears that training in field of health attracts attention just recently, which means that new and favourable employment facilities are available to new graduates in our country. Ever-expanding sectoral conditions bring about an increase in the employment fields in public and private sector. It may be said that the profession of social services is one of the few job-guaranteed professions. As for the fields in which the graduates of the program of social sciences can work, there appear a large number of employment facilities for them in public and private sectors. To begin with, there is a growing need for well-qualified personnel in the ministry of family and social policies, ministry of health, ministry of national education and ministry of justice. ıt is also available in other public institutions like municipalities and universities. Considering the civil society, hospitals and private education institutions, eventide homes, clinics and kindergartens, non-governmental organizations and institutions working for the old, the disabled, children and women within the body of foundations are employment fields for the graduates.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the program consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every part of the working life. In preparing the syllabus and course contents, the sector’s representatives’ recommendations are taken into account. The main courses of the program are as follows. Introduction to Social Service, Sociology, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Human Behaviours and Social Circles, History of Social Services, Social Service and Social Welfare, Theories of Social Service, Family Law, Local Administrations and Social Service, Social Service Interventions, Women Rights and Protection, The Old and Social Service, The Young and Social Service and Family Therapies. Besides, there are a lot of optional courses in the course pool of our university, which cover specific subjects, available to our students.

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