Vocational School

About the Department

The Program of Radio Television Programming is entirely designed to train the staff demanded by the mass communication sector. In this sense, the basic purpose of the program is to train individuals, who acquire the required vocational skills and background, who can effectively use the information they acquire in the solution of the problems, who are creative and successful in the team work in an innovative state, who have ethical values and theoretical and practical background as demanded by the sector and who can transfer the innovation into the work processes in a short time and in a sustainable manner.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Program of Radio Television Programming have multidimensional skills and thus can find a job easily in the broadcasting sector. The students graduate from this program at such a high level as to work easily as a director, cameraman, programmer, script writer, producer, presenter and newsperson. They can also find an employment in the media sector, internet journalism and film-making companies.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the Program of Radio Television Programming includes such courses as Basic Camera, Fiction Techniques, TV Programming, Radio Programming, News Gathering and Writing, Scenario, Film-making, Illumination Aesthetics, Television Drama, Graphics and Animation and Film Critique.

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