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About the Department

Globalization has resulted in the fact that the world has almost become a single market while competition between the businesses has grown more and more intensive. There are different types and kinds of the same product and service in the markets, and the businesses refer to intensive communication efforts to present and market the products and services for the purpose of selling them. In such an environment, the way of differentiation is through public affairs and presentation efforts. In this regard, there is a growing need for professional and competent labour force in different fields of communication and in the sectors of advertisement and public affairs. Accordingly, businesses not only produce goods and service of quality today but also have to form a long-term interactive communication. The expectations of the workers, customers, potential customers, partners and non-governmental organizations from the institutions are increasing day by day. The competition has reached from national boundaries to global dimensions. Public Affairs are something like a bridge of communication between the institution and target mass. At this point, “Public Affairs and Presentation” should undertake a big job and duty. There is a need for qualified staff to carry out the practices related to marketing, institutional communication attempts, relationships with the media, institutional identity and trademark communication in a successful way. In the light of the above information, the purpose of the Program of Public Affairs and Presentation is to train graduates required by the sector, who have a theoretical and practical background and a vision, who can transfer the innovations to the work processes and who can prove to be distinct from others.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The Program of Public Affairs and Presentation has a very wide working area. The graduates of the program can find a job not only in public relations and advertisement agencies, but also in any institution that serves the consumer products and services and places the relation with customers in its focus. They are also entitled to work at public relations companies, advertisement companies, public relations departments of various public and private institutions, marketing companies, and various SMEs needing such well-equipped staff.

About the Courses

The Program of Public Affairs and Presentation gives its students such theoretical courses as Introduction to Communication, Public Relations and Business in the first semester. In the remaining three semesters of the program, communication processes are handled as a whole and such courses as New Tendencies in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing Research, Media and Media Planning. In this context, the latest innovations and developments in national and international fields are closely followed and the basic information acquired by the students is supported in examples. Besides the theoretical courses in the field, practical training is emphasized and projects and internships are encouraged.

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