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About the Department

The importance of audio-visual media in human life is on the increase as time passes by. Communication and advertising based on it have a big influence on the development of a lot of processes based on production and consumption. Ads attract a good deal of attention in the sense that more conscious and rational activities are conducted. The increased interest changes the expectations and accordingly, the demand for continuous innovation comes to the fore. The changes in the preferences of the consumers bring about the changes in the processes of property and service production. Technologic advancement, need for reduction in the cost of time and innovative developments require the individuals who will work in the sector to possess certain skills and abilities. In this regard, individuals with experience in a given field have a more advantageous position that the other elements, depending on their preferability. Our university aims to give education in practical sciences in particular, based upon the paradigm of modern employment. Our department is one of such departments. Considering the potential in the audio-visual media sector making a significant progress in Turkey, it appears that there is a need for qualified man power in this sector and field. Accordingly, the Department of Public Relations and Advertising is established for the purpose of meeting the need for employees with knowledge and skill to be employed in the basic jobs in the sector. On the other hand, the fact that our university is founded where locally there are a lot of national and international advertisement agencies provides important advantages in practice, and so this department is intended to give such an education.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

To bring a fast and sustainable solution to the issues of internship and employment of the students to study at a department, our university negotiates with the important representatives of the sector concerned before opening that department. Accordingly, the practical courses in the department in question are usually determined through collaboration with the representatives of the sector. This collaboration provides significant advantages to the students of the department. Developments in the world communication sector are closely followed by our country, as well. That the communication tools have an important place in human life increases the need for qualified personnel in field of communication in technical terms. The students who will graduate from this department can be employed in the following fields and sectors: multinational companies, advertisement agencies, departments of public relations and promotion, national and international news service organizations, social research and questionnaire organizations, communication programs, public affairs departments of public or private institutions, and production companies.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising consists of the courses that contain information and skills available to every level of the working life. Introduction to the Science of Communication, Public Relations, Basic Advertising, Mass Media Theories, Communication Law, Management of Image and New Communication Media and Society are primary courses of the department. Besides these courses, the students are given innovative and practical courses.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Public Relations and Advertising are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Public Relations and Advertising are;

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