Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences

About the Department

While Political Science and Public Administration are two related fields of study, they help us sense and understand the political, social, economic and administrative changes occurring on local and international levels. While Political Science examines such subjects as state, government, political parties, political culture, pressure groups, social class, social gender, social change, social layering and mobility and international organizations, it also deals with the scientific studies of the concepts like power, authority, legitimacy, political justice, democracy, human rights and equality, etc. With the development of the managerial organizations in modern states, there has appeared a higher need to train specialized and qualified people on the issues of decision-making, policy-determination, planning, managing, practicing and evaluating. The discipline of Public Administration examines the structuring of public organizations on a local and national level to meet this need, the producing of public policies and the policies produced on a supra-national level. Nisantasi University makes a lot of contribution to the purpose of training the managers of the future, combining the studies of management and politics with an innovative approach, making students prepared for the changes and developing the professional information and skills.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration can find a wide variety of jobs. They can work as a comptroller, expert or manager at Prime Ministry, all ministries, public organizations and institutions, local governments at all levels and administrative jurisdiction. In the private sector, too, they can find a job as a firm and company manager, a comptroller and expert at banks, a finance manager and expert, a foreign trade specialist and international trade advisor. They can also work at the departments of sales and marketing and in visual and written media. If they complete their postgraduate studies, on the other hand, they can have an academic career.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of working life. It is prepared and designed to meet the need for qualified man power for the sector, whether public or private. The courses and teaching methods in the program aim to teach students professional, academic and administrative experience and analytical point of view. To this end, the program is prepared with a multidimensional view. Students are taught a lot of courses in the main branches of Science of Management, Political Science and International Relations, Science of Law and Science of City-Environment. Besides, our students attend English courses for professional purposes at every semester so as to reinforce the general English that they learn at preparatory class. They can also use two languages when they graduate by choosing Spanish or Russian or German when they are students.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Political Science and Public Administration are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Political Science and Public Administration are;

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