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About the Department

Physiotherapists plan and implement the physical therapy and rehabilitation program of patients diagnosed by a specialist physician; They provide prevention and physical treatment of diseases and disabilities by increasing physical compliance with special exercise and training programs in healthy people. The need for physiotherapists increases due to population growth in the world, changes in social and economic structure and social factors. Although the need is increasing rapidly, there is a need for specialist personnel to provide physical therapy applications or to perform interventions. In line with this information, training physiotherapists with a theoretical and practical background will provide an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demand.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

In recent years, the therapeutic roles of physiotherapists have been added to their health promoting and disease prevention roles with preventive physiotherapy and public health approaches. With these practices, they have become an integral part of health goals for everyone. Employment of physiotherapists is possible in many fields of medicine. Students who graduate from the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation can find employment opportunities in many areas such as all private and public hospitals, Family Health Centers, Medical Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, nursing homes for the elderly and home care institutions.

About the Courses

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Undergraduate Program, with its wide and comprehensive curriculum, offers a four-year education and training aimed at graduating students as physiotherapists equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes. In the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation undergraduate program, anatomy, physiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation methods, Basic branch courses such as clinical kinesiology, first and emergency aid, electrotherapy, basic instruments used in physical therapy, neurological rehabilitation, neurophysiological approaches, hydrotherapy, basic measurement and evaluation in physical therapy are given. In addition, it is aimed to provide an interdisciplinary education with various elective courses to be offered throughout the undergraduate education.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are;

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