Faculty of Health Sciences

About the Department

Nursing profession has a wide service area that includes the individual, family and society. Our aim is to equip each of our students to recognize, understand and apply scientific data. At our university, future nurses graduate by receiving education in anatomy, physiology, psychology and social sciences, developing their skills to conduct research and use the results in practice. Nurses are needed in order to maintain a healthy life in every environment where people are present. For this reason, the fields of study are quite wide and there are academic career opportunities in various branches. Nursing students graduate by taking a total of 4 years of nursing education, including theory and practice.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Nurses, who provide services to protect the health of the society, to achieve health goals and to increase the quality of life, have become an integral part of the health system. Nurses; in public and university hospitals, private hospitals, rehabilitation centers, alcohol and substance abuse centers, community mental health centers, workplaces, schools, prisons, family health centers, maternal and child health and family planning centers, dispensaries, public health centers, private clinics, has employment opportunities in nursing homes for the elderly, care centers for the disabled, nursing homes, home care centers, medical centers, oral and dental health centers and dental hospitals. Nurses who want to become academicians can continue their postgraduate education and work in universities.

About the Courses

Nursing Undergraduate Program, with its wide and comprehensive curriculum, offers 4-year undergraduate education and training that aims to make students equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes.

In the undergraduate program of nursing; anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, epidemiology, psychology, patient education, nutrition, surgical nursing, internal medicine nursing, child health nursing, community health nursing, geriatric nursing, emergency nursing courses and vocational course applications are given. In addition to the courses, it is also aimed to provide an interdisciplinary education with various elective courses to be offered throughout the undergraduate education. Students studying in the department of nursing learn principles and methods, basic concepts and theories during their 4-year education. Students studying in this department complete their internship after four years of education and step into business life.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the Nursing are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the Nursing  are;

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