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About the Department

It is globalization that has left its mark on the 21st century, and two basic qualities of globalization are uncertainty and integration. The youth of the 21st century can make decisions within the uncertainties for their near and far futures and make relational comments about the integrated events. The young can only be successful by overcoming the difficulties and problems of the future with these qualities of theirs. The purpose of the Department of International Relations is to prepare the individuals of these qualities for the real life, to train and equip them with permanent qualities to overcome these obstacles, and to train the young demanded and required by the 21st century.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Department of International Relations can be listed in two universes; national and global. Accordingly, our graduates are eligible to work in our country and in any country of the world. As young people who speak languages ​​and have a global vision, job opportunities are high in both the public and private sectors. Graduates can work in the private sector, public institutions, various units of local governments, international institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, development agencies, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations, the communication and media sector, non-governmental organizations, think tanks. and can undertake duties and responsibilities at various levels of universities.

About the Courses

The Department of International Relations has a wide range of courses that will enable its graduates to gain the intellectual perspective they need. In this context, in addition to basic international relations, law and economics courses, courses are given on the History of International Relations, which will enable them to gain historical knowledge, and basic Sociology and Turkish Social Structure, which will enable them to develop different perspectives on social events. In line with the purpose of the department and the interests of the students, students can choose region specific courses. In this context, students are offered courses focused on Integration Theory, European Union and Turkey, Russia and Caucasus, Turkish-American Relations, People’s Republic of China, Latin America, African Countries and India. Research Methods, Special Research Techniques for the IR Department and the Graduation Project are some of our original courses.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the International Relations are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the International Relations are;

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