Faculty of Medicine

The main purpose of medical education is to train qualified physicians and specialists who will improve the health of society in a sustainable way, who will enable the training of instructors who will provide these trainings effectively and efficiently and conduct research on their fields, and who will provide health services on a universal scale. The target of our faculty is to provide graduates with technical skills and competencies by providing education containing all practical and theoretical subjects in basic, surgical, and internal branches with the latest technological means. Students will be taught basic sciences in the first period of medical education, and basic principles of human biology and microbiology in the second period. In the third period, the systems will be discussed in terms of physiopathology, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical sciences. The fourth and fifth periods of the faculty are reserved for internships in clinics. During these two periods, national and international seminars will be held in addition to patient studies, clinical trainings, and courses. The sixth year is the internship period before graduation. In this period, students will prepare themselves for medicine by contacting patients and taking responsibility under the supervision of lecturers and experts.

Our students at İstanbul Nişantaşı University Simulation Center and Faculty of Medicine will be entitled to become doctors who have completed their basic and advanced skills education and will carry their achievements from the classroom environment to the real environment, and who have acquired advanced competencies with bedside clinical practices to be carried out in the hospital environment.

Faculty of Dentistry

At Faculty of Dentistry, our students graduate by completing a 5-year education that contains basic and clinical dentistry knowledge. The faculty aims to train dentists who have the knowledge and skills to carry out all the necessary activities at the highest level in terms of protection and treatment of oral and dental health of the society, by preserving high-quality ethical rules. This program aims to provide technical skills and competencies to graduates by containing all practical and theoretical subjects within the field of dentistry. The graduates are empowered with the necessary knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and developmental disorders of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Courses of the program are provided as theory, practice, and clinical practice on a semester basis. The courses in the first and second years of the program are based on the information about basic medicine and dentistry, while the courses in the third, fourth and fifth years aim at providing knowledge, skills and competencies related to the dentistry profession, the fourth and fifth grades are clinical internship years. The applied internship system has been developed as a multidisciplinary. Our students who graduate with this system have the chance to graduate with necessary experience in dentistry by taking an active role from the first to the last stage of treatment of patients.

With the Technological Infrastructure of İstanbul Nişantaşı University, students of Faculty of Dentistry will carry their learnings from classroom to the real life by completing basic and advanced skill education in the faculty clinics, dental radiology unit, dental operating rooms, simulation and research laboratories, laser application clinics; Our students, who receive training on model patients in the simulation laboratories at preclinical stage, will be entitled to become dentists who have acquired advanced competencies with the bedside clinical practices to be carried out within the Dental Hospital.

Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, which started education in the 2012-2013 academic year with 5 departments and 292 students, continues stably and successfully by reaching 25 departments and 2991 students in the 2016-2017 academic year.

As part of the double major program, the faculty enables students to obtain a diploma from another suitable undergraduate program when they are enrolled in an undergraduate program, on condition that they meet the necessary conditions. Also, the students may further strengthen their knowledge in their fields by taking courses from the relevant departments within the same faculty as part of the minor program.

Not only scientific studies but also sports and art related activities that will contribute to the students’ social development. The faculty organizes events to create a suitable environment enabling students to reveal their creativity.

We have full confidence that you will obtain İstanbul Nişantaşı diploma that will be proudly mentioned by the society thanks to our transparent, fair, student-friendly, and dynamic academic staff conveying their vast experience to you with an open approach to criticism.

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

İstanbul Nişantaşı University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture consists of 8 main academic departments and 10 undergraduate programs. The Turkish departments started education in the 2013/14 academic year, and the English ones started in the 2015/16 academic year.

In this age, it is no longer sufficient to have technical equipment. Regardless of the professional discipline, cultural background, aesthetic understanding, interest in art and the social environment have become an essential part of being an individual and offering useful products to the society. In this context, it has become extremely important in terms of mastering different languages, expressing yourself, following developments and communicating in international environments. Thus, the faculty focused on English education in the curriculum. In addition, by sending our students to the industry for a semester in their last year, it is ensured that the theoretical engineering knowledge obtained at the faculty is combined with practical works.

İstanbul Nişantaşı University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is your window to the world.

Faculty of Art and Design

The Faculty of Art and Design aims to train creative, productive students with a sense of social responsibility. The definition of art and design concepts is constantly being renewed and changed depending on social and technological developments. Globalizing world, spread of information and communication technologies, increasing complexity of products and services, increase in competition, diversification of lifestyles has expanded the fields of art and design. Global developments are considered in the curriculum; course contents are designed to adapt to these changes.

The faculty offers elective courses guiding students to interdisciplinary studies; There are double major and minor programs enabling them to expand career opportunities. In addition, as part the scope of Erasmus program, students have opportunity to study abroad for a certain period and internship at international universities we have agreements with.

Art and design is not just a field of study; it is a way of life. Our main goal in the faculty is to create a space where students can experience this lifestyle with our workshops and studios, technical equipment, academic staff, and guest lecturers from business and art world.

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