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About the English Translation and Interpreting Department

Foreign language has become one of the most important qualifications in our globalizing world. Accordingly, as a field of translation studies the department of English Translation and Interpreting comes to the forefront. Translation is needed in all public and private sectors that are active in the fields of literature, tourism, education, foreign relations. Also the need of translation is increasing in many fields such as media, law, brand and patent. Translation and Interpreting is an interdisciplinary department. Applicants who choose the department should improve their fundamental knowledge by taking courses from various different departments (law, social sciences, literature, business, engineering, architecture etc.)

Students are gained the abilities of observation, analysis and interpreting about every field and subject of the act of translation and the knowledge of terms of the related field is completely provided. In addition to the theoretical courses, Multi-purpose Simultaneous Translation Laboratory enables our students to gain practical experience on conference interpreting and the like.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Fields of employment for graduates: All public and private institutions that operate internationally and need translation in specific and technical fields. Simultaneous and written translation offices, establishments and organizations that are related to European Union, Private Television Channels, newspaper offices and agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, department of exchange in banks, National Intelligence Agency (MIT),  Turkish Radio & TV (TRT) and news agency, various international establishments, publishing firms, translating books independently or under a publishing firm, being a freelance translator, being a research assistant in the related departments of the universities, and the opportunity of opening a private translation office.

About the Courses

Basic courses are as follows:

English Grammar, Reading and Writing Skills, Vocabulary and Terminology, Turkish for Translators, Technical Translation, Linguistics, Translation Studies, Translation of Social Sciences Texts, Literary Translation, Consecutive Interpreting Techniques, Discourse Analysis, Translation of Press Texts, etc.

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the English Translation and Interpreting are;


Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the English Translation and Interpreting are;

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