Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences

About the Department

The Department of English Language and Literature aims to educate creative and dynamic individuals who speak English in advanced level, who are able to make analysis of language, culture and literature and apply critical thinking to their studies, ask questions and make interpretations. In this department, beside the courses which aim to improve their written and oral English skills, students also take the courses which provide a ground to make research about the English culture and literature with the literary, historical, and critical perspective. English Language and Literature is an interdisciplinary department. Fundamental knowledge about literature and culture is combined with the elective courses that can be taken from different departments such as media, communication, law, business, architecture, engineering.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Fields of employment for graduates may wish to work: In all public and private institutions, all fields of communication, translation, editing that need advanced written and oral English skills, Ministry of National Education, universities, foreign affairs, tourism, banks, private companies and press institutions.

About the Courses

Basic courses are: Communication Skills and Academic Reporting, Linguistics, Mythology, Short Story, Introduction to Literary Studies, Anglo Saxon and Medieval Literature, Renaissance Literature, American Literature, Introduction to English Literature

Double Major Programs

Double major programs that can be made from the English Language and Literature are;

Vocational School Double major programs that can be made from the English Language and Literature are;

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