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About the Department

The fact that production factors are mobile across the countries and realization of tourism gains impetus and speed over the countries and commercial relations enable the individuals to be in different countries at different times, and even in the different regions of different countries. But people should meet their physiologic need for food wherever they may be. They can demand the foods of their own cultures when they are in different places and the foods of the culture of the place where they are. In this sense, the restaurants or hotels have a big need for the cooks who will make the meals or foods reflective of various areas, regions or countries. In addition, the way the food or meal is presented is as important as the making of that food or meal. Whoever completes their education in cooking makes and presents the food well will make a big contribution to the ability of the business where s/he works to have sustainable customers. The cooks who prepare and present the foods and drinks at restaurants, fast-food corners, pastry shops and who can conduct a work plan are required not only to have field knowledge but also to do the costing well and have a good communication with customers and know the foreign language very well.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Program of Cookery of the Program ofHotel, Restaurant and Catering Delivery Services are entitled as ‘Cook’ to work chef, chef assistant, section chef, pastry shop chef, butcher, bus boy, etc. at touristic businesses, restaurants, catering companies, airports and hospital kitchens. They can also work as test cook, kitchen expert, food-and-drink manager, manager of food supply, kitchen manager, restaurant controller-coordinator, restaurant manager, etc.

About the Courses

Some of the courses offered to the students in the Program of Cookery are Gastronomy, Introduction to Gastronomy, Catering Management, Hygiene and Sanitation, Kitchen Practices, Pastry and Bread-making, Turkish Culinary Culture, Kitchen Movements, etc.

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