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About the Department

Information technology is not a field confined to the installation of computer systems and the structuring of the software. Viewing the case actually, information technologies have a lot of components like computer hardware, software, computer networks, communication technologies, man power trained in the field, procedures, Internet, intranet and communication tools. With a high added value, information sector is one of the leading sectors in developed countries. As the businesses move fast on the way to institutionalization, there appears a higher need for the field of information technologies. Therefore, qualified men in this field are much demanded. There are still a lot of people with different jobs and branches who turn their faces to this sector. However, what is right is to train individuals with these qualifications from the basic level at schools. In the light of what has been outlined above, the purpose of the Program of Computer Programming is to train the technical staff knowing the actual software languages, forming the basic algorithms by using these languages, installing and managing the computer systems. The essential aim is to equip our students with more practical information than an engineer and more theoretical information than a technician at their graduation.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

The graduates of the Program of Computer Programming can work on web design, database installation and management and system installation. They have a wide range of job facilities from software firms and public or private companies’ data processing centres in particular through computer sales and technical support firms, banks, insurance companies and commercial organizations to radio-television companies, research firms, transportation, education, logistics firms and service sectors.

About the Courses

The students are taught the following courses in the program: Software Installation and Management, Graphics and Animation, Basics of Programming, Web Design, Database, Web Editor, Visual Programming, Software Architecture and Internet Programming and so on.

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