Vocational School

About the Department

The aviation industry continues to develop rapidly in the World and in our country. The arrivals and arrangements occurred in the civil aviation sector increasingly encourage much more airline companies to join this sector. As the aviation industry grows rapidly, the need of qualified personnel increases as well. Our program aims to meet the demand of trained cabin crew needed by this sector. Accordingly, in this competitive aviation sector, the aim is to train qualified cabin crew who has effective communication skills, leadership and management skills and can take place in an effective team work.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Graduates of the program can work in the different fields of aviation industry, domestic and international aviation companies, foreign airline companies and all companies that are related to the aviation sector.

About the Courses

Civil Aviation Cabin Services program is supported by practice courses after the theoretical training given in the first term. İn this Context, Airway Management, Communication, First Aid , CRS Applications, Mock-Up Training, Serving are the basic courses of the program.

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