Vocational School

About the Department

The sector of aviation is on the top of the sectors developing in our country and making it sustainable. With the development of the sector, more air vehicles are used and thus mode technical support, care and reparation is required. In the light of all this information, the purpose of the Program of Airplane Technology is to train qualified personnel for the companies and businesses that both manufacture and care and repair in aviation sector. Besides the theoretical information, it is our intention to provide our students with practical skills so that they can be qualified and equipped to work in the national and international businesses in the sector of airplane technology. Our university aims to give training in field of applied sciences in particular by taking the modern employment paradigm into account. The Program of Airplane Technology is one of such programs. Our purpose in the program is to train multidimensional intermediate personnel who can make quick decisions, think conceptually and master the operational activities in aviation sector where there is a growing competition.

Fields of Employment after Graduation

Our university conducts interviews and meetings with the representatives of the companies in the sector in order to bring a quick and sustainable solution to the issues of internship and employment of our students before initiating the process of opening a program. Accordingly, we have collaboration with these firms for the practical courses to advance with the support of sector representatives. This collaboration offers substantial advantages to the students of the program. The students to graduate from the program are employed by the businesses manufacturing in aviation sector and by businesses conducting maintenance and repair of the airplanes.

About the Courses

The syllabus of the Program of Airplane Technology consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every part of the working life. Basic Electrics and Electronics, Basic Aerodynamics, Maintenance and Repair of Air Vehicles and Materials and Equipment of Air Vehicles are some of the main courses of the program.

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